Diamond Devil’s Eye Necklace


Diamond Devil’s Eye Necklace

As a classic element of the devil’s eye, the diamonds of this necklace have a patchwork surrounding the eye, for an enigmatic, artsy dazzle.
Handcrafted in 18k solid gold, which gives our pieces its delicate gloss, and will not discolor easily.
Set with high-quality (SI 1- 2 clarity) diamonds, which add a dazzling edge to our pieces.
Carat weight: 0.03

Material Description
18k solid gold
We use a 75% gold and 25% alloy mix to give our pieces the appearance of near-pure gold while increasing durability. 18k gold is the standard for jewelry that is reasonably pure without being overly soft.

We select our diamond suppliers according to the conflict-free and socially responsible rules. All of our diamonds are highly valued for their beauty, high clarity (SI 1-2 clarity) and rarity; Processed with round brilliant, which makes diamond extremely sparkle.