Heart Diamond Ring


Ring Sizing Chart

Ring Sizing Chart
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Pursuing modern minimalism this dazzling ring will bring out the shine in your outfit.

– Handcrafted in 18k solid gold, which gives our pieces its delicate gloss, and will not discolor easily.
– Set with high-quality (SI 1- 2 clarity) diamonds, which add a dazzling edge to our pieces.

Materials Description
18k solid gold

We use a 75% gold and 25% alloy mix to give our pieces the appearance of near-pure gold while increasing durability. 18k gold is the standard for jewelry that is reasonably pure without being overly soft.


As diamonds are natural origin, there are no two the same kind. All of our diamonds are highly valued for their beauty, high clarity (SI 1-2 clarity) and rarity; Processed with round brilliant, whose facet proportions and arrangements have been worked out perfectly – with 78 edges, which makes diamond extremely sparkle.
SKU: R100201-18GD