Thin Tube Hoops


Thin Tube Hoops

This simple classic hoops should appear in your jewelry box, handcraft in gold vermeil which gives this piece indelible gloss. It is an error-free choice in daily collocation.

– Handcrafted in gold vermeil: a thick 14k gold layer on sterling silver.
– Hoop diameter: 16mm
– Hoop width: 2.5mm

Materials Description
Gold Vermeil

Our vermeil is a thick layer of 14k solid gold on sterling silver, which ensures that the vermeil pieces have a dazzling luster and gold-level design. Thick layer of gold gives the piece a more luxe look and makes your jewelry last much longer.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is the standard for beautiful high-quality silver jewelry. More than 90 percent pure silver is mixed with alloys to increase the strength and durability of it. Rhodium is applied to our sterling silver jewelry to prevent oxidation, which gives it a bright finish, anti-tarnish and durability.
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